I had just arrived at my solo campsite, pitched my tarp tent, and realized I had three more days alone. Early that evening, after exploring the area, I laid on my back and looked up to the enormous sky. I realized how small I was in comparison to the universe, but that feeling humbled me in a way I had never experienced before; I felt clear and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Vision Quest is an indescribable experience. I faced personal challenges throughout my journey, each one I had to conquer alone while gaining insight to myself: who I was and who I wanted to become.

The personal strength, courage, and determination I found stuck with me and still helps guide me today by keeping me grounded and remembering to keep everything in perspective, regardless of what I am doing.

Skylar was phenomenal throughout the experience. He was energetic, got me excited about the trip, and connected with every person on the Vision Quest in a way personal and individual to each. In addition, Skylar was knowledgeable and conscious about both physical and mental health, the environment, and the traditions we were doing, like smudging in and out. Skylar made me feel safe and comfortable, and with his leadership and support I evolved into a better me.

-Paulina Lorenc, 22

The spring retreat with Wild Awakenings was just what I needed. Skylar and Jen, both experienced wilderness guides, held the space for my transformation, anchored by a beautiful altar nestled next to the monolithic rocks that also held space for the group. I felt thoroughly prepared for a full day by myself in the high desert wilderness, even with late night snow fall! The councils we convened created a container for deeply dropping in with the group and beginning to integrate all I learned while on my own. Movement and ritual were also woven throughout the weekend, and Skylar cooks some soul-nourshing camp food! My experience is still unfurling from the retreat, and the insights that I have gained have already helped me move more fully into my own work in the world, aligned with my passions.

-Laura Reddick, 31

Such good medicine! I am still integrating all of the insight and gems of the weekend. Because of you [Skylar], and the healing powers of pachamama, I was able to change the channel that I have been operating in into one that I can flow through.

-Mac Murphy, 32

Sweetness still lingers and more grounded being carries onward since our journey. I carry with me many gems from nature and from your reflections and look forward to sharing more as integration happens. Something that is really standing out to me is how, as ordinary as we all think we are, we are really quite incomprehensibly extraordinary! Thank you for the gift of you!

-Jeremy Capdevielle, 30