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Click here to download an application: Wilderness Immersion Application 2018

Wild Awakenings is a conscious community of change-makers dedicated to the thriving of Earth, life, and humanity. The Wilderness Immersion is a 7-day journey into the desert to support physical, psychological, and spiritual growth in the individual and the collective.  The structure and curriculum of our journey has been adapted from the sacred practices that have nourished earth-centered communities world-wide for thousands of years.  The Wilderness Immersion supports us in becoming more conscious of our core wounds and core gifts. Together we will be initiated into our full-capacity of aliveness.

Our vision is to serve the movement of awakening while empowering us all to take responsibility for our co-creative roles in shaping our lives, our planet, and our future.


Cost: $1200
scholarships available


Day 1: Overview, Introductions, Building Camp, First Council

Day 2: Finding Solo Spot, Releasing Ceremony, Second Council

Days 3 – 5: Solo Time and Fast

Day 6: Return

Day 7: Integration and Final Council


We are offering the Winter Wilderness Immersion in the beautiful Death Valley National Park, near the Tecopa hot springs. This sacred land has supported transformational practices for thousands of years, and continues to offer itself for creativity, reflection, and healing. A perfect place to commune with nature and nourish your meditation, writing, and healing practices.  On your journey you can expect to experience:

*Yoga, Qigong, and other embodiment practice
*Sound healing and circle singing
*Guided meditation

*Group council
*Fasting from food
*Quiet time, reflection, healing

For more information, email Wild Awakenings Director Skylar Wilson at wildawakenings(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line Wilderness Immersion,
or call  415-690-8221.

Here is a short video about the Wilderness Immersion experience:

Leaders for the 2017 Autumn Wilderness Immersion

Skylar Wilson MA (Guide) has collaborated with wild places around the world over the past sixteen years while guiding healing experiences and Vision Quests. Trained in the School of Lost Borders, Skylar serves individuals and organizations like the Stepping Stones Project through mentoring and rites of passage. Skylar recently co-authored Order of the Sacred Earth: An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action


Lucia Lilikoi, (Song Leader) is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and educator. She has three studio albums including her most recent: Vessel.  Lucia has been touring the West Coast and Europe for the past ten years. Lucia creates experiences of sound where one is immersed in magic and healing and developed the Reclaim Your Voice  program


Mac Murphy is a practitioner of human transformation. He has studied the martial arts, dance, shamanism, meditation, group process and bodywork. He has cultivated deep presence for holding space for healing and the activation of individuals and groups and has had a deep connection with nature, which is the source that he draws from. In 2017 he spent 7 months at a Daoist Temple in China studying Kung Fu, Tai Ji, Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine. Mac is the creator of Elemental Embodiment, a practice of integrating Qi Gong, primal activation, biomimicry and earth-based ritual. He is committed to the elevation of consciousness and the greater purpose of humanity to make the world a better place.

Carol P. Vaccariello, D. Min., MSE, MBA, M.Div, Oblate OSB is an ordained Interfaith Minister, Priest, and Bishop. Carol is a recipient of the Siksika/Sac Blackfoot Ancestral Blessing, a spiritual coach, ritual/retreat leader, captivating speaker and storyteller, and an honored Elder in Creation Spirituality Tradition. Carol is a member of the Braided Way. She participates in Hindu and Buddhist-Christian dialogues and has studied/taught on six continents. www.heartspacecommunity.org



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