About Us

IMG_8696Wild Awakenings is an organization dedicated to the process of nourishing and empowering the awakening of humankind. What do we mean by awakening? When we as individuals learn to connect with a sense of inner self, or soul, we can then create deeper, more diverse, and more authentic connections with the outer world — other individuals, communities, non-human beings, and the Earth. Why Wild? Our wildness is our most authentic and free state of being, and relating to the world. Like the natural world that knows no boundaries, “wild” is how we live when we are no longer controlled by the illusory limitations we so often place on our lives.

Wild Awakenings is a community of change-makers who believe that consciousness pervades all things, and who are dedicated to living life consciously and from within.  It was born in 2012 while I was finishing up a Master’s program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness.  My focus was on postmodern rites of passage, the psychology and cosmology of awakening, and ways to integrate the insights gleaned from peak experiences.

After 15 years of guiding wilderness trips around the world, I had noticed, time and time again, the many ways in which these groups were changed in powerful yet mysterious ways. Upon returning, participants would often say things like: “Why does our culture seem so unconscious and unhappy?”  or “How can we make the changes necessary to live in a sustainable way?”  Since that time, I have been working with several rites of passage organizations, with a diversity of ages and backgrounds, in order to engage questions like these.  The results continue to be inspiring.  We have seen people shift out of patterns in which they’ve been stuck for a lifetime -patterns which have been handed down from generation to generation. We’ve also seen people become more of themselves, open to more of the world.

In this increasingly digital world, it is powerful to disengage occasionally in order to turn inward toward the wisdom of our bodies and souls, Earth and Spirit. When life is stripped clean within the light of heightened presence and quiet solitude, we can see each of our unique paths and vocations more clearly.  Although these peak experiences aren’t meant to last, they can strengthen our capacity to be present to more of ourselves and the world.  This presence can, in turn, illuminate more subtle layers of our purpose. It can show us ways  we can attune our lives more skillfully -seeing what to let go, who to forgive, and what to give away in order to become fresh with life’s immediate living wisdom, again and again.

If we are to thrive as a species, we must undergo a shift in consciousness at the biological as well as the cultural levels.  Wild Awakenings’ pedagogy is designed to help this process of cultural evolution to quicken through celebrating life, death, and the emergence of new possibilities of what can be.  These experiences can put us in contact with the core place where self, Earth and Cosmos meet.  We take a participatory approach by recognizing how everyone is their own greatest teacher/healer, as well as the source of their own suffering.  We aim to come together in community to do the inner work needed to show up for ourselves, our communities, and for future generations.

—Skylar Wilson, Founder of Wild Awakenings